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And soon he would be in a position to do something about them. congressman from Michigan's Fourth District, but his mind and exceptional energy were already concentrated on running OMB, a small but awesomely complicated power center in the federal government, through which a President attempts to monitor all of the other federal bureaucracies.

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"She believes in what she's doing and I don't quarrel with it," Stockman said.In the corridors of the Capitol, where all ambitious staff aides scurried about in serious blue suits, Representative Stockman wore the same uniform, and was frequently mistaken for one of them.Inside the farmhouse, the family greetings were casual and restrained."Basically, there are gobs of this money out there.CETA grants have to do evaluation and career planning and so forth. Somebody rents a room in a Marriott Hotel somewhere and my sister comes in and talks to them.His parents and his brothers and in-laws did not seem overly impressed by the prospect that the eldest son would soon occupy one of the most powerful positions of government.

Opening presents in the cluttered living room, watching the holiday football games on television, the Stockmans seemed a friendly, restrained, classic Protestant farm family of the Middle West, conservative and striving.

Grapes are now the principal crop that Allen Stockman, David's father, produces.

He earns additional income by leasing out the grape picker.

In 1980, David Stockman was selected to be the budget director for the incoming Reagan Administration.

Soon afterwards, William Greider approached Stockman and asked if he could write about his experiences in the budget office. When the article appeared in The Atlantic, it created a firestorm of controversy.

"We had a little of everything—an acre of strawberries, an acre of peaches, a field of corn, fifteen cows.