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Diablo armory not updating

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Legendary and Set items now have a chance to roll as this new kind of equipment.Primal Ancients gear has perfect stats on all affixes.

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Are you so addicted to Diablo 3 that you think about it even when you are not in front of the computer? Well with the D3 Spellbook, you can actually set up character builds directly from your i Phone.And when it comes time to use them in Kanai’s Cube, there will be a new Fill button to move them into that interface.Finally, Blizzard is introducing Primal Ancients gear as a reward for players who are looking for a bigger challenge.In the few short weeks it has been available I have spent close to 100 hours grinding my way through the game.There is just something about finding that next great piece of loot or tweaking a little piece of my character’s build that keeps me constantly coming back for more.To compensate for this, players will be able to spend Paragon points 100 at a time by CTRL clicking. All of your crafting materials will no longer be cluttering up your stash.

They will now be whisked into this new UI and neatly organized.

The app simply adds another layer of protection to your account, which will help keep your character from getting ransacked.

There has already been a number of reported cases of accounts being hacked and characters having all their gear stolen.

That means the Primary, Secondary, and Legendary attributes are the ideal value, whether that is maximum, minimum, or best stat for your class.

They will also have the best number of sockets available.

This allows you to work on a new spell set for your character anywhere you go.