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The DTO’s certainly don’t care if you become addicted to drugs or alcohol—so they certainly aren’t going to point you in the right direction for recovery, or help you pay for rehab. There are unique smuggling and transportation methods associated with each drug type, but overall, drug seizure data and law enforcement reporting indicate that overland smuggling and subsequent transportation by vehicle exceed all other methods combined”.Local law enforcement aren’t the only ones fighting drug trafficking and the Federal Bureau of Investigation states, “ From small street-level drug buys to major cases targeting the highest levels of cartel and gang leadership, our agents and law enforcement partners attack the problem from every angle to gain intelligence and to disrupt and dismantle trafficking organization.” The team went on to describe how drug trafficking can be a lucrative business for criminals.“‘Where you have gangs, you have drugs.

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Keep in mind that addiction is a “complex disease, and quitting usually takes more than good intentions or a strong will.Unfortunately, there is no real way of knowing how a person might react to heroin.Those who successfully manage to stay off of heroin and other opioids might be good for a couple days which is about time the withdrawals can kick in; often times the withdrawal from a drug is what brings people back to using.This illegal drug commerce influences the availability, variety, quality, and quantity of drugs in El Paso.”There are several different ways to use heroin; “people inject, snort, or smoke heroin.Some people mix heroin with crack cocaine, called a speedball” (National Institute on Drug Abuse).Addiction is a widespread issue, especially when drugs are as available as they are in Texas and other regions like Southern California.

The problems that can occur with addiction are so much more than petty theft, prison time, mental health, familial and financial problems.

Heroin addiction is categorized as a disease, and by definition, an epidemic is “an outbreak of a disease or illness that spreads rapidly among individuals in an area or population at the same time.” The problem with highly addictive opioids, there aren’t many people who can simply quit them cold turkey and further problems and crimes like theft, even homicide are common as a result of drugs.“Mexican black tar heroin and Mexican brown powdered heroin are the predominant types available throughout the state; however, South American, Southeast Asian, and Southwest Asian heroin are available to varying extents.

Mexican DTOs and criminal groups control the transportation and wholesale distribution of Mexican black tar and brown powdered heroin” (National Drug Intelligence Center).

With heroin this can depend on the purity of the drug and what it’s cut with or laced with—most people don’t know what’s in it.

Even if they do, they can still die from an overdose; because even getting a bad batch can kill.

Those withdrawals can include a variety of different flu-like symptoms; they can also include: Sometimes a medication-assisted therapy can be one of the best tools for treating an opioid addiction.