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Her name was Aludra, which, in the language of her people, meant "unwanted one". 13 Inches by: The Best - My name is Brenda Shynes, and Ive been married to my husband for about three years.Of course she didn't know this, because all the servants in the palace DID want her. Weve known each other seven years and weve never had a single argument. A Waiting Room Fun Time by: bone2pic - It's the small things that you give that make a real difference sometimes. My name is Doug, I'm 54, and I haven't taken the best care with my ....

Or if you let yourself relaxed by a playful young lady?What if, at the end of an exhausting business day and meeting, you escaped the daily life into the fascinating world of an erotic massage, being guided by a marvellous young lady?Most part of the VIP Obsession collection packages may be offered in the hotel room, or at your residence, whether you are in Bucharest or in the metropolitan area.If you are only looking for an unforgettable erotic experience, dare to ask for our services.We shall take pleasure in caressing your body with erotic massage services from our new and amazing Collection, as well as with the best products, anti-allergic drugs, with or without aroma compounds, according to the client’s preference.Inspired by divine eroticism, with magic insertions of relaxation massage, thai, exotic, naturist massage, naked erotic massage, sensual massage, and tantric massage, the new VIP Obsession collection has been thought to surprise and to dazzle you.

As already stated above, discretion is one of the three values standing at the basis of the VIP Obsession concept so that, no matter what your social status is – business men, dignitaries, stars, ladies, or gentlemen – you will always find the right companionship to go to a theatre, a restaurant or a business meeting joined by a lovely VIP Obsession masseuse.

We value punctuality as the highest arbiter in the relationships between clients and the VIP Obsession employees and as an absolute reference mark in relation to "what’s right" and "what’s not right".

We are perfectly aware of the daily stress and irritability caused by business trips and dealings.

Seriousness, Refinement, Discretion Highly enthusiastic about our mission, we provide our services on a round o’clock basis, 7 days per week, both at our saloon, and in the hotel room or at your residence.

Just a call and 30 minutes are more than sufficient to enjoy the attendance of our sensual models wherever you are – in Bucharest or in the metropolitan area!

The tantric massage pursues spiritual completeness and emotional balance.