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Familitchi dating

Remember the time of day when you get a new Tamagotchi as that will be the time your Tamagotchi wakes up and goes to sleep.To awaken your Tamagotchi, turn over the game and press three times and your Tamagotchi will be awake.

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To evolve your Tamagotchi faster, change the time to the time that your Tamagotchi was hatched. You can also play lots of games to make it evolve quicker.For a Tamagotchi to receive a present, Tamagotchi 1 and Tamagotchi 2 both need to select the heart at the same time.Then, either Tamagotchi 1 or Tamagotchi 2 (the one that will receive the present) must press button at the "stand by" screen at the same time.To activate cheat mode, an infra-red/communication connection and two Tamagotchis.Both Tamagotchis must be at least two days old to use the infra-red connection.For easy wins in Bumps, give your Tamagotchi seven time outs if it's a girl, or eight time outs if it's a boy.

The opponents in Bumps will then be easier to defeat until level 4.

To evolve into a rare Tamagotchi, make two to four of the Happy Lover Hearts go away, then make them go up by playing games. To get older faster, play Jump four times in a row then play Bump four times in a row.

To get your Tamagotchi back when it dies, Hold when the egg appears. Note: This only works when your Tama is a child, teen, and adult.

Make sure the other Tamagotchi goes into your Tamagotchi screen.

Your Tamagotchi will kiss the other Tamagotchi regardless of gender.

When the other Tamagotchi goes back, check your friends list.