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First impressions speed dating review

With these painful memories in mind, now imagine that the terrible date lasted less than 10 minutes.

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Pretty telling stuff here, particularly since a speed date lasts less than 10 minutes.On the damaging side, men and women cited a lack of attraction as a primary driver of negative evaluations.Interestingly, women further explained a perception of “negative qualities” in the other person as something contributing to their negative thin slice judgments.Follow me on Twitter @therealdrsean for relationship commentary/links as well as complaints about mass transit.Continue to follow this blog for future entries about deception, online dating, using affection to lie, workplace romance, and other issues that make obtaining and retaining a mate oh so interesting. Horan, First of all, thank you for writing such an insightful article.Essentially then, when first meeting someone, the advice is clear and simple: smile and make eye contact.

Of course, the caveat is that you smile naturally and make an appropriate amount of eye contact…a constant smile and unwavering eye contact can convey creepiness and an unintended level of social awkwardness.

Research indicates that brief impressions are lasting impressions.

Consider the programmatic work on thin slicing by Ambady, made popular in Gladwell’s Blink.

The real benefit of speed dating, though, is similar to that of online dating: you and your date share the same goal.

Aristotle argued that communication is goal oriented, and findings from Mongeau indicate that individuals go on dates with goal(s) in mind.

These factors introduce high levels of uncertainty, and according to Berger and Calbrese, humans do not like uncertainty.