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However, the habitual public cell phone talkers who seem to be egged on by an audience to sound important, busy, and successful may be acting more out of narcissism than out of lack of social awareness.

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If the listing does not provide you with an adequate description, please contact tellows support: In this field you are free to make any comments about your experience with this number.She'd never share these personal secrets with a complete stranger unless that stranger happened to be within earshot of her "private" phone call.Clearly, people feel that talking on the cell phone somehow isolates them from the people in their immediate vicinity.Their public cell phone behavior is annoying, and perhaps a bit foolish (given that the wrong third party may overhear the conversation), but there’s no ill intent.You would most likely be right in concluding that the behavior is inconsiderate but it’s not motivated by any kind of ulterior motive.You learn that her sister-in-law has diabetes, her best friend's husband is cheating on his wife, and her mother is thinking of selling her home but can't get a high enough offer.

Now let's imagine that you were standing in line next to this woman while waiting to check out at the drug store.

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In other situations, however, public cell phone talkers may enjoy being in the conversational limelight. Their public conversations are filled with overstated stories of their success, either real or implied.