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Include a small print out with your Snapcode or Snapchat username in bags at checkout with a note about the discount, or let your customers know that when they add your business on Snapchat, they’ll receive a discount off their next purchase.Once you build an audience on Snapchat, use the platform to turn your Snapchat followers into customers. Give your Snapchat followers the inside scoop by posting teasers on your Snapchat story.

In this photo, H&M provides a great example of cross-promoting their Snapchat to Twitter.This tactic works particularly well for brick and mortar stores or studios where you can put a sign up with your Snapchat name to get people to follow you.Another tactic is to cross-promote your business’s Snapchat account on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.So, once you build an audience on Snapchat, how do you turn casual followers in paying customers?In this post we’ll introduce 3 ways to engage and convert your Snapchat followers into new customers for your small business.This post entices followers to add the company on Snapchat by explaining a direct benefit of sneak previews.

This strategy can work well for restaurants, clubs, event planning or promotion businesses, DJs, venues, spas, salons, tour businesses, and other businesses that have consistently new products, services, and events.

The first glimpse of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has hit, with more promised for tomorrow on Good Morning America.

There’s not much to see yet, but anticipation is certainly building for Gareth Edwards’ spinoff tale of a group of rebels working to steal plans for the Death Star.

By offering discounts, teasers, and exclusive Snapchat-only promotions, you can turn potential customers into paying customers with just a few snaps.

Have you tried using Snapchat to hold a promotion for your small business?

When you get new followers on Snapchat, send them a one-time use code to screenshot and show at your business, or use as a promo code for your online store.