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The Award Agreement contains the obligations and responsibilities of both the grantor (GBHCMF) and the grantee.If the grant is for a multi-year term, funding for years two and thereafter will be contingent on meeting operating and financial requirements for the prior year.

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A suitable tree is not simply on that is easily climbed.Make an imaginary straight line from that point to where your finger (or arm) is pointing and you should see how an arrow will penetrate. It's always hard to understand visual instructions by reading them. so if you are twenty feet up and you are shooting thirty yards how high do you shoot to hit a vital my bow is set to 280fps and thirty yards i am on I have an older rangefinder by Lieca and I won't buy a new one please help me out Hold high on the loungs . I know a few people who have fallen out of stands and higher stands can be less safe. (50 and still counting).i agree with stanley i hunt high pick my shots the areas i hunt recieve a lot of pressure the deer are very wary seems like i can get away with a little more movement too i dont shoot a lot of distance 25 yds is the max reckon there is no right or wrong on this topic whatever works for a person My optimum tree stand height is the lowest I can get away with.Then, using that same point on the deer or target as before and instead of 15 feet up, move up to 20 feet. i hunt from 27 feet high and i shot at a doe 3 days ago and i hit the brisket because i didnt hold high enough and my bow is shooting 310 with my reezen 6.5. That isn't to say a 12' stand doesn't require you to use a safety harness though. For a broadside shot, I aim just behind the front shoulder and mid way up/down on the deer. If the deer is quartering away, I aim at the opposite front leg mid way up/down. It doesn't seem to make any difference if the deer is 10 or 35 yards from me, I still get that two lung hit. I will select the ground every time if I can get away with it.We will continue to expand this section of the web site, and modify the way certain things work, and how things are displayed, so don’t be surprised when things change and update around here!We always listen to everyone’s feedback and suggestions, so feel free to make those known.I want a tree that offers some sort of background to help breakup my outline and allow me to blend in.

This may be a cluster of leavy branches, bows from a nearby pine or even a group of heavy crossing branches.

There are many features of this section, and we are working to develop more in the future.

The peeps section was originally launched in 2010 to give users an option for uploading an avatar to use in our old chat rooms.

By letting the available trees and cover guide my stand location and height I have successfully hunted from stands as low as 9' and as high as 20', but most of my stands are placed around 15'.

I have to agree that there is such a thing as "too high up." If you are shooting from the ground, your ideal target area of the vitals is about 6-8 inches in circumference.

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