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Gay dating advice mature men

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Armistead Maupin (“Tales of the City”) is 27 years older than his husband; Ellen De Generes has 15 years on her wife.Then there’s the late novelist Christopher Isherwood and painter Don Bachardy, who had three decades between them.

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I took your question to my Facebook page, where reactions were pretty much equally divided.My husband, Tim’s father, died three years ago, and I think Tim is looking for a father figure. What could a 40-year-old man have in common with a teenager? Should I keep quiet and pray it ends soon or speak up?Tim starts college this fall, and I am hoping he’ll find a more appropriate boyfriend there. — Name withheld I completely understand your angst about this — who would want her son in the arms of a “predator”?“Joseph” met his husband, who’s 14 years his senior, when the younger man was 21; they’ve now been together for 27 years. You fall in love with who that person is, not their age.” Meanwhile, Carl Sandler, who runs Age Appropriate, a blog about intergenerational dating, told me: “In the gay community, it is very common for younger and older men to date.Common interests are the new demographic — not age.” I’m not exactly sure how “common” such dating is, but I’m familiar with many same-sex couples with significant age differences.Still, before you label Justin this way, I’d ask you to consider a few “May/December” opposite-sex couples.

Some that quickly come to mind: Alec Baldwin is 26 years older than his wife.

) Of course, no such list could leave off Donald Trump and his current wife, Melania, 24 years his junior.

If nothing else, this list makes clear that one answer doesn’t fit all and that this isn’t a same-sex issue.

Bachardy was 18 when he met Isherwood; they remained together for 33 years, until the novelist’s death.

So, what’s a good-hearted but freaked-out mother to do?

Try not to judge or psychoanalyze him — that means don’t mention your theory about a father figure.