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Insfficient key column information for updating or refreshing

Fixed bug in types substitution by making types comparisons in CREATE TABLE case insensitive. If the clause is used in Greenplum, the provider strips it and interprets error 42P07 as OK.

Fixed bug "timestamptz was not converted to local time zone". Stability and performance improvement for bulk load. Fixed side effect from prev change resulting in "undefined table" when querying schema.table.Added code to look for Location parameter in the connection string if Initial Catalog is not provided (fix for SAP Power Builder). The PGNP Profiler can now inject itself to a remote computer and collect execution trace.Completed implementation of ITable Definition interface. Fixed bug: Execution of multi-statements SQL Task did not return error if any statement except first one failed.Fixed bug in passing parameters: when data pointer is NULL pass NULL parameters.Fixed bug in IColumns Rowset implementation that potentially could result in crash when cursor is enabled.The provider can display timestamps in any specified time zone.

Redshift: added support for the S3 server side encryption (connection string parameter AWS_S3_HEADER). Fixed bug in handling SELECT col AT TIME ZONE 'UTC'.

PGNProfiler: fixed a minor defect in restoring panes sizes on start.

Added Windows time zones support, configurable via file.

Fixed bug: column name 'position' was recognized as keyword.

Fixed bug in handling Null accessor: provider ignores parameters data.

Previously "function not found" error was returned because parameters types were not passed correctly in the Prepare call.