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Internet dating murder

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They soon determine Amy isn’t the only murder victim with a First Date connection.Beautiful writer Caroline Hunter, killed exactly one year before Amy, joined First Date to research a book on online romances.

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An email found on the body of the second victim is traced to an online dating service called First In this electrifying thriller, a rookie detective goes undercover on the Internet dating scene to draw out a serial killer targeting single women in Manhattan When two young women are murdered on the streets of New York, exactly one year apart, Detective Ellie Hatcher is called up for a special assignment on the homicide task force.The killer has left behind a clue connecting the two cases to First Date, a popular online dating service, and Flann Mc Ilroy, an eccentric, publicity-seeking homicide detective, is convinced that only Ellie can help him pursue his terrifying theory: someone is using the lure of the Internet and the promise of love to launch a killing spree against the women of New York City.Hatcher and Mc Ilroy dig deeper, but more bodies start piling up, forcing them to widen their chase.(Along the way, they end up in New Iberia, LA, in a lovely homage to the author’s father, crime writer James Lee Burke.) This stunning thriller ends with a tantalizing glimpse into what is sure to be a highly anticipated sequel (the publisher calls it a standalone).Normally, I am very good at guessing who the killer is about half way through a book, but Ms.

Burke did a fantastic job with twists and turns no one can see coming. Now I want to go back and her other series.” —Lover of Books “I really enjoyed this story.

Mc Ilroy believes Amy’s killer has struck before and will do so again.

Amy was brutally strangled outside her apartment, and her pocket carries a clue placed by the killer — one that leads investigators to an Internet dating service called First Date.

Hatcher deliberately exposes herself as “date-bait” in a search that becomes increasingly desperate as the murderer steps up the pace.

Intelligent, emotionally literate and unusually — given the dark subject-matter — funny, with strong characters and tight plotting, Dead Connection is a riveting read.” — “Alafair Burke delivers a first-rate thriller, as a rookie detective investigates the dark side of internet dating while trying to survive the mean streets of New York.

To catch the killer, Ellie must enter a high-tech world of stolen identities where no one is who they appear to be.