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Is fantasia still dating antoine

is fantasia still dating antoine-18

Now is she wrong for continuing to see him after the fact that she knew he was married but at the same time how we really know that she didn't stop being with him.

Looks like she's back in the arms of Antaun Cook--the same person she had a complete spiral over when she "found out" he was married with kids after they started a relationship together.The incident occurred roughly a week after Cook's wife, Paula, filed court documents alleging that her spouse and Barrino engaged in a "covert adulterous affair" and created a sex tape together.Despite recovering from her overdose and weathering criticism from fans about her alleged relationship with Cook, Barrino is already back to promoting her new album.The salacious suit, coupled with Cook's departure from their affair were more than Barrino could handle, a source told Radar at the time.Police were called to Barrino's North Carolina home last week after she swallowed a bottle of aspirin and sleeping pills.I look at them on this vacation, were every bodies having a good time and living it up...then I ask myself who all has jobs that can pay or contribut e to such a vacation????? i just wanted to say that u cant pick who u fall in love with.

and by her admitting that she knew he was married in the beginning lets me know that he was tellin her he and his wife were either separated, going to separate or that he had already filed for divorce.

Is this a preggers swimsuit body: Antwaun and his wife Paula Cook (they also have 3 kids together) started divorce proceedings back in November (where Fantasia admitted to the judge in a testimony that she had an abortion after becoming pregnant with Antwaun's baby) , but it's nowhere near over we hear.

Yet and still, it looks like Fanny and 'Twaun--who have been dating since 2009 when we first reported their interesting relationship--are back together.

and even if he didnt he was showin her some kind of sign that he and his wife were not workin out why else would she have continued to be involved with him (actions speak louder than words) dont believe me who is he with now!

For all we know she could have tried the old friends with benefits thing and bit off more than she could chew I see a lot of people on here downing Fantasia, but she followed her heart and everytime you get with a man he doesn't always tell you the truth.

She has since been released from the hospital and her father, Joseph, said she is doing "fine" and is with her 9-year-old daughter, Zion.