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Keshia chante dating

We have a good set-up with my filming the show in New York and him playing in Philadelphia.But even if Ray’s career were to send us overseas — I can build a studio anywhere.

The model and TV personality met then-New York Ranger Brandon Prust in 2010 and their love story, including recent engagement, has been documented in the hit series CARRIE UNDERWOOD AND MIKE FISHER: Carrie began dating the Nashville Predators player after they met at one of her concerts in 2008.I’ve seen players get traded because of that type of drama.I’m lucky because I have a lot of flexibility in my career.I still don’t get everything about it, but I go to every game.I’m actually running the Flyers wives and girlfriends crew.Forget dating fellow actors, singers or models – some of the world's most famous women prefer to couple up with hot hockey players! rounds up some of the sweetest couples who have scored their true loves.

JANET JONES AND WAYNE GRETZKY: Model Janet Jones wed the Great One” in 1988 in front of 700 guests. It turns out Elisha has always had a thing for hockey players; before marrying Dion, the Canadian actress dated New York Rangers star Sean Avery, who is now retired.

The third album was like, “Okay, I’m in the clubs, I’m making dance music.” Now, at 26, I’ve been through more and I’m excited to open up about it. A lot of that has been the influence of living in the States, where there is a larger market for that kind of music. I really didn’t start getting into hockey until Ray was playing for Chicago.

They ended up winning the Stanley Cup, but the whole season was just so exciting.

For some of the wives, it’s a lot of taking the back seat, but the guys don’t play hockey forever.

Five years from now, I definitely hope to be a mom.

But luckily for the Toronto rapper, he's spun his often-spurned heart in his favor, venting about his relationships often in his platinum-selling songs.