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The news may upset those hoping for a boost in the camera performance from LG, as the sensor itself can't take much better pictures than before.The idea behind making it two 13MP sensors was to remove the jump when switching between focused and wide-angle pictures, but the lack of a sensor upgrade is down to a design decision.

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In short, the screen on the LG G6 should be eye-popping.It's water resistant, uses Gorilla Glass 5 on the rear (although there's still some confusion as to whether the front is Gorilla Glass 3 or 5) and a metallic rim to hold it all together.It'll be coming in platinum, black and white color choices, although only the platinum version is going to pack the shimmer that makes it look attractive on the table when placed face down.The battery is no longer removable, which will upset a small subset of LG fans, as the brand was the last main holdout of the feature among the mainstream phone manufacturers.However, the encased unit can last longer and be thinner, improving the design and allowing the phone to be made water resistant - so you'll need to join the other battery pack-toting masses if you like the idea of being battery safe.Sadly, as we expected, the interchangeable modules - what LG calls "friends" - are out, with LG's chief technologist Skott Ahn saying that LG is moving away from modular designs. In terms of difference from the LG G5, the new G6 is the same length with a much larger 5.7-inch screen on the front (which you can learn more about below).

It's a sad move, as modular phones could have ushered in a new wave of handset design, but clearly it wasn't going to work for now in LG's eyes. The all-in-one body no longer packs a removable battery, but the micro SD slot still pervades within the SIM tray.

The rear of the phone is devoid of a camera bump, with the camera slimmed down, rather than powered up to a larger sensor, to accommodate the new design language.

There's USB Type-C on the bottom (along with the single speaker), with the headphone jack still present and correct at the top - this is a phone with a sleek body and lovely lines that feels great in the hand.

The LG G6 is the South Korean firm's flagship smartphone for 2017, taking over from the innovative-but-unsuccessful G5. With two rear cameras and an accessory slot that allowed you to modify the hardware, it was a phone that really thought outside the box.

But with the LG G6, the brand has dialled down the 'out-there' innovation and gone for a more quietly refined design, while doing enough to make it feel like an all-new phone, a fit warrior for the great smartphone battle of 2017.

That's big news for LG fans, as it'll put the G6 squarely in the battle against the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 - and have it on the shop shelves slightly ahead of its great rival.