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She knows how to talk to groups and get them to work together," Gould said.

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Drugs, crime, poverty — that was the world she lived in near 38th Street and Emerson Avenue in the 1980s and early '90s.Whether it's Breakfast with a Cop, weekly GED classes, a summer food program, tutoring, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) classes through Purdue Extension, fatherhood forums or a job center, those who know her say Heyward is always looking for ways to attack the unemployment, crime and poverty rates that threaten to rob families of the one thing everyone needs to survive — hope.Consider that the unemployment rate in the area served by the library, 5420 E.But two things saved a young Shanika — her grandmother and the library.From the time she was 6 years old, Shanika would walk with her older brother and sister to the old Emerson Avenue branch of the Indianapolis Public Library at 36th and Emerson, a few blocks from her grandmother's home.Her parents were lost to drug addiction and mental illness during her youth.

She and her two siblings bounced from home to home, moving in and out of foster care.

She stopped and started again, with the support and encouragement of library managers who saw something special in her.

People like Jeanne Gabonay, who was Heyward's supervisor in the library's collection management services department, where Heyward transferred so she could better juggle college, her job, motherhood and caring for her grandmother."I've always been so proud of her and what she's accomplished," said Gabonay, now retired.

Even when her siblings got older and stopped going, she didn't."I went every day, and the librarians helped me with my homework," Heyward said.

"My grandmother couldn't help me with my homework."Now, Heyward is in a position to help others as manager of the East 38th Street branch of The Indianapolis Public Library.

"She just has so many talents; she's one of the best managers in the system."Heyward completed work on her undergraduate degree in psychology while working in the library's collection management services department.