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Me in wanking room free cam

Have a go manually first and work out what you like best.

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When I first started masturbating, my key concern was how to masturbate quietly.Grab a wand toy, dildo, or bullet vibrator and position it so that it's reasonably snug against your clit.This might mean putting it down your pants, or simply lying it on the bed so you can grind against it – whatever works for you.Try stroking the inner walls of your vagina, or using your fingers to make a thrusting motion if that's your bag.But if you're a fan of internal stimulation, please choose your implements wisely.Some of the most common questions around wanking involve how to do it in certain scenarios – how to masturbate on your period, how to masturbate in the shower, that kind of thing.

When you're on your period, masturbation's not off the table or anything and some people say that a good orgasm can help to alleviate their cramps. Do it as you normally would, just make really sure you aren't going to slip and fall halfway through.

Hands-free masturbation is a great way to masturbate for longer.

It's well worth trying if you, like me, are so used to a quick hand shandy that you can knock one out during an ad break and be back at the telly before you miss any of the opening credits.

But with a bit of lube (or spit, which works equally well) rubbing around the general area rather than directly can be a great way to build up.

Some people find that rubbing the clit directly is a bit too intense, so they prefer to rub around it, or close the labia over it and get some indirect stimulation by rubbing over the top.

The point is though, that by taking your hands out of the equation you're challenging yourself to find new ways to come, bringing bits of your body (hips, thighs, stomach muscles) into play that you otherwise might not use.