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" said the warrior bard, "Though all the world betrays thee, One sword, at least, thy rights shall guard, One faithful harp shall praise thee! But the foeman's chain Could not bring that proud soul under; The harp he loved ne'er spoke again, For he tore its chords asunder; And said "No chains shall sully thee, Thou soul of love and bravery!

As I’ve said before, the mere existence of Mezcalero is fantastic, the fact that they continue to produce such high quality mezcals so consistently is even better. Those accustomed to overwhelming mezcals take note, this bottle may not be for you but you’d be well advised to taste it because its defined by a light balance, it’s almost shy as mezcals go.The third party providing these items may have a privacy policy different from that of Bank 34 and may provide less security than the Bank 34 website.We provide this information as a convenience to Bank 34 visitors and access to any other sites linked to Bank 34 is at your own risk.After further tastes I find it round and very mellow.That’s when that tequila caramelization kicks into gear.The latest in Craft Distillers’ Mezcalero line which delivers extremely small production batches from a variety of locations around Oaxaca.

– Location: San Baltazar Guélavila – Agave: Cultivated espadín and agave de lumbre – Maestro Mescalero: Cirilo Hernández – Quantity: 184 cases / 1104 bottles – Distillation Date: March 2014 – Bottled: June 2015.

It really comes alive on the palate but in the most well mannered sense because the animating idea of the Mescalero #17 is balance.

A first sip gives you a delightful charge of sweet agave.

Then may he play on his harp in peace, In a world such as heaven intended, For all the bitterness of man must cease, And ev'ry battle must be ended.

Story and photos by Keith Wilson It is often said that if it looks like it, sounds like it, and flies like it… Well, that is almost the case with the T-41B Mescalero, but there are significant differences with the military variant of Cessna’s best-selling, tried-and-trusted, single engine four-seat aircraft.

According to Craft Distillers’ Ansley Coale it’s a “a local agave of which I know absolutely nothing.” It could just as easily be a hybridization of something well known or a radical sport.