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It is necessary to properly identify the ant species that you have in order to effectively eradicate them.

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If a family member is allergic to a bee and is stung, the reaction might be serious enough to warrant a trip to the hospital.Our corporate integrity is a critical asset we are committed to uphold for years to come.TORO has been a strong advocate and generous contributor to community based organizations in the communities where we do business.TORO has over the years built a true team, they are the heart and soul of our company.TORO believes in being part of a team to care and support one another.Sometimes a homeowner will attempt to exterminate pests alone, using chemical sprays from a hardware store or supply center.

If these sprays are not applied in the correct locations, most of the bee or wasp colony will survive.

TORO has protected your health, food, property, and the quality of our environment since 1969.

Over the years TORO has built a history of delivering exceptional results, our reputation for prompt, excellent service has been the secret to our success.

Carpenter Ants: are about five eighths inches long.

They tend to burrow in damp wood but have also been known to damage solid wood.

We routinely work together to please our clients and surpass their expectations.