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My boyfriend is on a dating site

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In this time, I had been playing the field, primarily with men. Nearly six months later, we're somehow still going strong.My ex and I were monogamous, so I was excited to have some casual flings. Despite the fact that we both have other people in our lives who we're emotionally and physically involved with, we see each other about five days a week.

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Later that night, we decided to let our man join us for karaoke.He already was and was going to continue having to split his time between us.So it was then, five months into our relationship, after dozens of "I love you"s, when I knew it was finally time to go on a date with my boyfriend's wife. One, his wife whom he met in college and has been married to for eight, long years.Before I agreed to a first date with my current boyfriend, I knew he had a wife. Before the first date, I also knew that he was polyamorous. A wife who he planned on spending the rest of his merry, little life with.What happens when she gets a job in another state and she decides they're both moving? Practically everything she does in some way affects me.

While we didn't feel in direct competition with one another, our needs at times did come into conflict.

Per habit, I headed to my boyfriend's bedroom to drop off my sleepover bag for the evening.

"Not so fast," she said, "You should put your stuff in my room!

There have been nights when both of us want to sleep with him in the same bed and he needed to chose one.

While love is infinite in the poly world, time is not.

We didn't like the thought of him moping around alone at home while his two loves were out having fun together.