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Mystery author dating

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Enter the fifth dimension and discover the scientific truth behind ghosts.

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In return, the eunuch told the Dowager Empress that she would be rich if she signed the abdication papers."And if she refused, she would end up like Louis XVI during the French Revolution: beheaded," said Mr Jia. He put pressure on the court by masterminding a series of threatening letters."He had a good relationship with the Russian embassy and he asked them to write a letter saying if you do not sign the papers, the Western powers would force it through anyway," said Mr Jia, citing the archives at Zhongnanhai."The time of his abdication was a time of corrupting and buying government officials," said Mr Jia.The imperial court in the last days of the Qing dynasty was a shadow of its former self.Foreign countries, particularly Britain, had humbled the Qing in battle, carved out rich territories and extracted huge payments.

Starved of income, the Qing court had even pawned the lavish silk robes of Puyi's predecessor, the Guangxu emperor, said Mr Jia.

A three-fingered mummified body has been reportedly found in Nazca, Peru, with video of the purported body appearing on You Tube.

However, researchers have expressed doubt about the discovery, with some calling it a "hoax." According to website Gaia, the body, which stands 5'6" tall and appears to look like a human, has three long fingers, an elongated skull and does not have ears or a nose.

In legends and rituals, in monuments and stories, the dead are always there.

But is it really possible for anything to return from the grave?

"We wish to find the truth, no matter where it lies.