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They assist him by rubbing his body and alternately jerking his cock.He finishes by shooting his load, spurt after spurt, on the floor right in front of them.

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These three girls want to have a roulette party so they invite their hot male friend over to act as dealer.As the game progresses they figure out that he's a cheat and has been ripping them off. In an effort to teach him a lesson the ladies pull down his pants, leaving his bare butt on the cold tile floor and his cock exposed for all to see.He gets shoved to the floor, falling hard on his ass. They demand he beat off and he's soon tugging his growing cock while the girls watch and comment.Watch as he lays back fully nude and beats his cock, shooting a huge spurting load of cum high in to the air as the women watch in amazement and shock.This is the most incredible REAL CFNM action ever caught on tape and you'll find here and only here.The ladies cheer and all agree, this was the best poetry class EVER!

The pool boy didn't stand a chance but he never complained. They ask him questions and comment on his cock and its piercing.

In our third edition of the "Masturbation Contest" series we bring you Troy, a young, swinging, black stud.

Troy came in confident he could perform for us so we let him do his thing.

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While the ladies and the teacher discuss poetry he begins stroking his cock through his pants. They make him strip so they can get a good view of what he's doing.