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No dating drama

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A drama-queen leaves you feeling drained to a point where you can't wait to leave that mess behind.4. When a Drama-free woman believes in you, your life is taken to new heights.You begin to believe in yourself, and know that you can accomplish anything, no matter how great a feat. She is spending quality time with her girlfriends, going to yoga class to release stress, or taking up a new hobby that brings excitement to her life.

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And it's not just that.....sometimes when I confront a guy, he WALKS AWAY. I'm sorry, but I think the problem is you and I'm not trying to be mean.How is a woman supposed to react if a guy isn't being totally honest or forthright?Am I expecting too much in wanting a guy to be COMPLETELY honest with me? I'm now depressed because I'm feeling that I'm not handling things well and maybe my expectations are too unrealistic - I just don't know anymore!She feels insecure and jealous when you are doing your own thing. If there is a "negative" cycle arising as drama in her life, she looks within to see how she perpetuates it.Undoubtedly she knows it is a lingering pattern from the past, and she'll see it as an opportunity for growth.I seem to meet a lot of men who do this.....away when there's a problem, and then I get angrier-----and more drama ensues. Yes, you can expect a person to be generally as open and honest as you are, but not that person you were with. I had a look at your profile and I think, since you seem to be really hung up on physical appearance and maybe a little materialistic, then this is the type of guy you are going to attract.

I'd like to meet a guy who can DISCUSS differences, problems, etc. I'm beginning to think a lot of men are avoiders or maybe just not good communicators - just so confused right now. Did you take things slowly enough to decide whether he was a fish to be cast back into the ocean or not? And my guess is that you actually want it that way. Both men & woman have their equal amounts of drama I believe. And also the saying "no baggage", bothers me as well, because it's seems the person saying that is insensitive, or just a clod. So the sayings, "no drama, & no baggage" are a real turn off for me when I read them in a guys profile.

So what I don't understand is that men often say they don't want "drama" from a woman, yet they often cause, or at the very least, contribute to the "drama" happening.

So how can a man expect "no drama" when they are part of the problem?

These 7 points come from my proven 7-Step System that allows you to stop dating drama queens and start attracting happy, drama-free women.

And so in the spirit of finding love with a drama-free woman, read on to see her characteristics. Ask for What She Wants and Needs She will communicate to you if something is bothering her and leave no room for miscommunication. Wants to Make the World a Better Place She is the kind of woman who will spend her time volunteering at a local women's shelter, donating money to worthy causes or pioneering her own business as a means for creative self-expression.

I just need some advice or input, namely from the guys! I don't continue to date someone with the intention that some day they will admit that I am right and change their ways.