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On line dating software

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Based out of Wyoming, this company puts great emphasis on customer service.For anyone who wants to build a dating site from scratch — or improve an existing one — Advan Date’s i Cupid software can help you wow singles everywhere. According to recent reports, online dating grossed $2 billion for nearly 5,000 businesses, and it’s still growing. The business model of a dating site is a win-win: you help singles socialize and turn a profit at the same time.

You’ll need features, a network, advertising, support, and a whole bunch of technical tools.The Professional Package offered by Advan Date gives customers some extra perks, including 20,000 starter profiles.This gives the site the luxury of not starting from zero with a built-in user base that can entice people to register.Rick told us the first question his customers ask him is: Are the starter profiles real? They were real at one point, but now these profiles are unlikely to be responsive or active.“Having toyed around and used many dating software apps, Advan Date is the most user-friendly software you can get and the tech support you get with i Cupid now is second to none….The Professional Package does include the option for an app, but Rick encourages customers to rely on the site’s responsiveness rather than try to be competitive with an application.

A team of graphic designers and developers continually polish and upgrade the product to improve its usefulness to the customer.

Niche dating is a lot more difficult because you have to focus on getting traffic.

Since traffic is very hard to come by, you need to get that visitor converted as quickly as possible and responsive design does exactly that, according to Rick.

The Developer Package adds an unlimited number of websites it can be used for.

All these packages include a long list of admin and user features, including match alerts, advanced searches, profile ratings, photo greetings, instant messenger, video chat, forums, groups, and events.

I can’t recommend this script enough.” “The chances of them responding are slim,” he said, “because if your profile has been sold over and over again, you’re probably going to change your email address.” Advan Date doesn’t mind acknowledging that these profiles are fake.