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I don't think its getting any worse but its preventing me from sleeping. I got tired of making appointments just to have my questions answered.

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It's affordable and easy to chat with several doctors at the same time.I'm a pharmacy technician working for Safeway in Aurora, CO.I not only use this site but recommend it for our customers who just need to have their medical questions answered. I feel really good about vising Just Health Experts.I have looked online and raised calprotectin can mean a cancer too - please could you advised as I am having to wait over a week for the speciaist to return. I took some Promethazine-Codeine prescribed by my local physician today to try to calm down my coughing.Unfortunately, I'm experiencing some mild but uncomfortable swelling in my throat.I had used decongestants proscribed by doctor to combat what he thought was sinus infection. I have had trouble with my voice since the winter when the nose issues began. After 5 weeks I stopped the decongestants when I noticed my throat was dry. ENT said two months ago laryngitis and vocal fatigue and referred me to a voice therapist. Due to nose issues I have to breathe through my mouth mainly.

I had used decongestants proscribed by doctor to combat what he thought was sinus infection. At first it was fine in the morning and then worse through the day.

I had several questions that needed immediate answers, but I couldn't schedule a doctors visit for a few weeks. They are very concerned, and they make you feel like you came to the right place for advise.

I'm a nurse and feel like every little thing that goes wrong with a person's health doesn't need a doctors appointment. I was amazed at how easy it was to get an answer to my question. When you get to my age, it's not easy to go to doctor's offices. It's really nice because you have a bunch of specialists who can quickly tell you if it's serious and needs an emergency room visit or something that can wait for a regular appointment. Morse helped me with a problem that I was uncomfortable discussing with my regular gynecologist.

Her UTI was diagnosed by a medical assistant from her urine sample. I've been suffering chronic fatigue, headaches, neck pain, tingling sensations of my right eye brow, generally unwell, shakes, weakness, poor concentration, brain fog and feeling feverish.

However, the burning has gone away but bloating and discomfort have not. I was under a little stress when I got it but haven't since and my symptoms have gotten worse.

Now it is still best in the morning but no longer clear and very quickly turns raspy and painful to speak. I have taken care last few months to drink plenty of water.