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Parents legally prevent dating

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Of course, some will see that as a feature instead of a bug ( ) but one can easily see how personal disputes can lead to serious consequences for an otherwise innocent party. Well, I am personally connected to the origin of stalking laws in the state of Oklahoma.My sister was stalked for a period of about 2 years.

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How, exactly, do you enforce a restraining order in such a situation?What if she thought the friend was a bad political or religious influence?Should a restraining order in such a nonsexual case be available against the friend, the friends mother (if the friends mother was trying to rekindle the girls friendship), both, or neither?(this was back in the early 80's) She was stalked by a man she dated two times and then when he started talking about their wedding, on their second date, she told him she wasn't interested. She worked the night shift and he followed her to work at PM, sat in the parking lot and followed her home.(she was a computer programmer at the time) Occasionally she would come out and her tires would be slashed. Okay, let's say Boy A is into Girl B, but she's not into him.Should it matter whether the sexual conduct is a crime?

(Oklahoma law seems to bar rape prosecutions for sex between 14-year-olds, though Im not positive whether some other criminal charges, such as for lewd acts, might be permissible.) What if there was no sexual dimension to this, but a mother thought her daughters friend was a bad influence?

Most of them were for bullying situations, and included kids as young as elementary school. It is part of a disturbing trend (at least around here, and from what I gather from the article, in other places as well) to transform domestic violence protection orders into tools of harassment. Bricker: I do not want you to direct your posts to me any more. Let's say that 100 posts following him around would qualify.

I'm inclined to side with the parents' right to control their minor child's contact with both adults and with other minor children as a matter of correct legal outcome. Stalking also means a course of conduct composed of a series of two or more separate acts over a period of time, however short, evidencing a continuity of purpose or unconsented contact with a person that is initiated or continued without the consent of the individual or in disregard of the expressed desire of the individual that the contact be avoided or discontinued. What number between the first and the 100th would become stalking?

This is even more pronounced when such purported stalking occurs on a public message board or other types of electronic communication where the harm can be resolved by clicking an "ignore" button.

We see how far it is gone when a state court mentioned in the OP has held that stalking is when a 14 year old kid who a parent thinks is a "bad apple" hangs around her own child.

It makes no distinction between me standing on the street outside his house and posting on a public message board. Are you sure that in those 100 posts I am really following Bricker around, or does it just so happen that as we are both lawyers and conservatives, we naturally post in the same threads on the same topics?