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Pattie mallette dating chris harrison

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He was first said to be dating ‘The Bachelor’ Season 17 participants, Selma Almeria.He was heard introducing Selma as his girlfriend “Chris was introducing Selma as his girlfriend,” a source said.

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Det populære dating-programmet har gått på amerikansk TV i disse dager, og tradisjonen tro ble det etter endt sesongavslutning avslørt hvem som skal få æren av å bli neste sesongs kjærlighetssøkende dame. Why anyone would want help from a stoned, selfish punk kid who doesn’t understand the concept of monogamy is beyond me, but his Cupid gig seems to be working! In fact, they claim he’s started his own matchmaking service for those in his inner circle.Rett før programleder Chris Harrison (41) avslørte at Desiree Hartsock er den neste «The Bachelorette», tvitret Justin Biebers mamma: «Hvem blir den neste ungkarskvinnen? Hmmmmm...» Om det var et hint til produsentene om at popstjernens mor faktisk kan tenke seg å finne kjærligheten på TV er foreløpig ukjent. News har Mallette faktisk vært på date med programleder Harrison - og om de to diskuterte hvorvidt den kanadiske 37-åringen blir å se som ungkarskvinnen ved en senere anledning vites ikke...Mostly known as the host of ABC’s hit reality TV series ‘The Bachelor’ and it’s various spin-offs like ‘The Bachelorette,' Chris Harrison is a great TV personality.His bodyguard Kenny thought Glee star Amber Riley was cute, so Justin made sure the two would be at Bootsy Bellows club in West Hollywood on the same night—and they totally hit it off.” Setting up your beloved bodyguard is totally adorable and aww-worthy. But Justin needs to lay off other people’s romantic lives and focus on his own.

In fact, it’s really sweet that Justin would go out of his way and help out a friend like this. In case he hasn’t noticed, he’s single, humiliated, and his rep as sweet boyfriend is on the rocks!

He is a long-running host of hit TV shows like ‘The Bachelor’, ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’, ‘Bachelor in Paradise’, ‘The Bachelorette’, ‘The Chew’ and various others.

He recently came into limelight on August 31 when he expressed why Nick Viall is the bachelor.

So, his ex-wife will be granted half of all his valuables.

Chris Harris might have been a bachelor for a long time, but he still has some tricks up his sleeves. Where else but to her own son, Justin Bieber’s son?

Like the title of the show, ‘The Bachelor’ suggests, there has always been only one bachelor in the show but not anymore.