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If you can dream it, you can probably buy it – if you can afford it.The ability to determine which trails a buck is using, and where his core area is located pays big dividends come hunting season.The excitement that comes with checking a trail camera after a long absence is nearly as acute as a child waiting for Santa Claus. You may find photos of a rare animal such as bobcat, see strange behavior among more common animals or even catch a trespasser.Most hunters are less worried about that than they are about the flash spooking the deer.The Quality Deer Management Association magazine (called Quality Whitetails) recently had a piece that documented several cases of flash fright.Digital trail cameras work off a flash memory card that is stored in the camera.

In most cases, you have to walk to the trail camera to retrieve the memory card for viewing.

It is better, in most cases, to opt for digital right away.

You can always print out the few “keeper” shots that you want to show your buddies.

Trail cameras also allow you to get to know the animals (especially deer) that live in your hunting area more intimately than you could by any other means.

You will not only learn where the biggest deer live, but you can enjoy the opportunity to document the growth of particular deer from year to year.

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