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Phone coaching dating

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Our average telephone coaching call lasts 80 minutes and many calls last for more than two hours.If you are interested in this position, please click here for more information.

and she can do the same for you, even though i read different pick up artist books her approach to attract women and the way she teaches and help you understand it is very different and very effective!Telephone coaches are only paid for the time they are actually connected to a coaching client.As 70% of our calls are from repeat (regular) callers it can take between 30 and 90 days before your income can build to a consistent amount.” I always try to share anything constructive or negative in a compassionate, nurturing, loving way.I’ll often use the Sandwich Approach (sharing something positive, then the constructive tough-to-hear morsel, and then something else that’s positive) to soften the blow.- Approaching women - Analysis of pick up technique - Finding your Personal Style - Being a leader - Becoming confidant - Avoiding scariness,fear,negativity,and fright - Shedding the nice guy image - Being fun and funny.

- Making women interested and attracted - Sexually attract woman - Flirting - Teasing women - Making a woman comfortable - Not a boring guy.

We know this intellectually, and yet as matchmakers we are constantly befuddled when we see the wish lists and the real live situations that so many of our prospective clients bring into our offices.

The mission in working with a matchmaking client is to find spot-on candidates for personal introductions, and ideally the one right person for life-long love.

There is no charge for training and no payment to you during the training process.

Once training is complete, telephone coaches will enjoy the convenience of a work-from-home job.

Ask Mars Venus telephone lines are open between the hours of AM to PM Pacific ( AM to AM Eastern).