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Ps2 dating sim games english

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But we’re supposedly moving on from the Playstation 2. But smaller publishers like Prototype and Idea Factory are actively working with the Xbox 360, even if they are mostly shoveling Playstation 2 ports to the console.

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The genre is huge in Japan, and many mainstream anime series start out as dating-sims or visual novels, including both “ero” titles like Fate/stay night and all-ages games like Clannad.I read that the game was originally made for young girls, but many of the fans turned out to be working women etc., because they found a parallel with their lives, choose between a career or a family. That's how it is in the 1st game anyway, I haven't played the others yet.A good site in English about Angelique (and also Harukanaru) is Sorry for my bad English... The RPG (for PS1) was kind of a war game (RPG style battles) where you can date your party members during your quest.Also, at the beginning of the game you have only 4 hearts per day, and performing actions such as talking to guardian or asking for power, going to see the fortune teller, or visiting your planet for example uses hearts, but if you are better than Rosalia (your rival) at cultivating your continent, then you will get extra hearts.I think every month there is an examination, and there are two methods to judge you, either you will be judged on your number of buildings, either it will depend on your relationship with the guardians...see page 113 of Fruits Basket volume 2 by Tokyopop for her Angelique comments). Well, it's a game where you play a teenage girl (15 or 16? She and another girl of her age from the school get choosen as candidates to become the next Queen of the Cosmos.

Both girls get a continent which they must cultivate.

In Japan the Playstation 2 has a plethora of dating sims.

Compared to the Gamecube and Xbox, Sony’s console is the king of the genre.

I’m currently enjoying Amagami SS which is an anime series based on a PS2 dating-sim.

The structure is quite interesting: while most series based on multi-ending games pick one path to bring the characters through, Amagami is set up as a series of arcs, with the story resetting every few episodes with a new romantic target, so fans get to enjoy the complete stories of each character rather than just a subset.

And the 1st one to reach the central island becomes Queen.