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Listen in as we discuss how discovering new ways to relate to each offers an awakening for us individually and collectively.

So following are some tips on how you can persuade her to get into 'sacred sex' or 'spiritual sex' with you. Don't just jump on the topic of Tantric sex, you'll probably scare her off that way, or make her think you've gone a bit loony, or you're simply trying to trick her into doing a sex act she won't like.Start the conversation by discussing how you want her to enjoy sex more.Start on this because this is something she can easily relate to at the moment.Michael will join me to discuss the ancient myth of Eros and Psyche for archetypal clues to the stages of relationships as we... Listen to today’s show to discover hidden positive messages about sex in the Christian tradition. Jen will be interviewed about her forthcoming book, What was Jesus’ Hidden Message about Sacred Sexuality? In hardcover, it was the number one bestselling nonfiction book of the nineties. Kat Smith, Intimacy Expert shares what intimacy really means and how to create more of it in your relationship. Kat shares her journey through sexual abuse along share with her guidance for healing from these experiences.John Gray’s books are translated into approximately 45 languages in more than 100 countries. Gray’s more recent books include Mars and Venus in the Bedroom, Why Mars and Venus Collide, and Work With Me (with Barbara Annis). from Cornell, and worked as an architect in New York and Rome in the 1960s. Kristin Neff, Ph D, the pioneering researcher on self-compassion shares why self-compassion is so important in romantic relationships and how it can improve your love life. Neff guides listeners through several experiential exercises of self-compassion.If you talk to them about getting into sacred sexuality, they think you mean there's something 'wrong' with what you both have currently.

Another reason is that they feel that you're 'moving on' and they're afraid they can't move on or keep up with you. The relationship is being harmed rather than being helped.

Chuck Macknee decided to study sacred sexuality for his Ph. research, he discovered that previous academic research on the topic focused only on Tantric sex.

Macknee was curious if Christians were experiencing similar states of spiritual, sexual ecstasy to those described by followers of the Tantric tradition.

Tell her that in addition to her experiencing more and better physical pleasure, you will also reach a stage in your relationship where your connection will be at a deeper emotional level.

Women LOVE this (and you're not lying when you say it either!

You can also suggest that you guys try the ways or methods on her first and see if they are indeed giving her more physical pleasure.