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However, you may get some unwanted attention, especially if you're wearing your comfy short shorts.

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You enter the camroom through the VNA link in the member’s area of the site you joined! Handbags are like a bullseye for thieves and can it can be disastrous if yours is stolen.Rather than tossing all your stuff into one bag and making a lucky dip out of your valuables, it's better to carry your cash and cards in a money belt, hidden pocket or at least a zipped off compartment inside the bag.Although friendly, most Spanish people aren't overly assertive with strangers.Anyone who approaches you out of the blue on the street, on public transport or around tourist hotspots should be treated with suspicion, especially if they try to touch you or get close.The same applies for camera straps and long necklaces.

Thieves sometimes fly by on motorbikes or scooters, ripping your bag/camera/ice cream from your hands before tearing off around the corner.

If you feel like something's a little amiss, it probably is.

If you're feeling uncomfortable or threatened, don't put up with it for the sake of politeness. If it's early in the piece you can just pretend not to understand them.

However, for criminals who make a living ripping off tourists, you could seem like an easy target.

There's very little for a girl to be worried about but there are a few things you can do to avoid travel hiccups, unwanted attention and uncomfortable situations.

On the other hand, it is still odd for someone to stare unerringly.