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In that time, Flora, whose mother was Parkinson's Parliamentary secretary, has borne the most appalling illness and suffering with unbending courage.From the age of 18 months, she endured almost constant epileptic fits.

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As a consequence she lost part of her brain, including the right frontal lobe, which deals with reasoning and deduction.Hers has, for 25 years, been a life of sacrifice - and if she now looks noticeably older than she did even a few years ago, then she should take comfort in the fact that her dedication has made Flora's a life worth living.I have met Sara and Flora Keays on several occasions over the past 11 years.It has left her with serious social and learning difficulties.She also suffers from Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism.Flora's subsequent birth saw Sara cast out of the inner Tory Party circle and then subjected to hate mail and even death threats. A year after he was elevated to the Lords in 1992, Parkinson secured a Draconian injunction that meant no one could discuss Flora's life in public.

Despite serious questions over his rights as a parent to impose such a sweeping restriction, Sara initially agreed to it, but then fought unsuccessfully all the way to the European Court of Human Rights, where she was turned down on a technicality in 1997.

But when he discovered she was pregnant, Parkinson, now 77, wanted Sara to have an abortion, something she couldn't contemplate.

The scandal of the 12-year affair cost Parkinson his job.

04/08/16 1590 KBJT AM Temporarily Off Air For Repairs (Update) Wednesday morning, a rare part on the KBJT Tower failed and the radio station lost power.

A couple of days ago, while they sat at home together as they have done for so many years, Flora Keays asked her mother Sara a question that made her heart miss a beat: 'How old is my dad?

No wonder Sara says: 'At times I feel I am running fast just to stand still.' She is understandably extremely protective of her only child and made it clear, as she has done every time we have met, that her main concern is not to upset or worry her in any way.