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This bothered me greatly send I’m not a minority myself.I’d like some answers as to why this is the case Reply My name is Lisa Castle I am with Republic Services in Kalamazoo.

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The cashier then apologized because she was equally appalled.So now I’m in this limbo and I’m out missing what I was going to do tonight. Reply PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PUT a Trader Joe’s somewhere else in Delaware besides Wilmington! Having a TJ’s in the mid or southern part of the state would be awesome!Bank says it would take them about 10 days to do investigation. “If you build it, [we] will come.” There is a customer base here of people who have moved here from surrounding states.The first “Trader Joe’s” opened in 1967 on Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena, California.The first stores featured fresh meat from butchers who leased space in the stores, freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh cut cheese, and sandwich shops.She was also African American but should you have to be to find this insulting?

The manager didn’t offer an apology he just left stating I’ll talk to him.

There is money in the beach area, as well in New Castle county.

Those of us from other states with Trader Joe’s miss having an accessible store….

Trader Joe’s supermarkets have about 4,000 products, compared to about 50,000 in an average supermarket. Trader Joe’s stocks gourmet foods, organic foods, vegetarian foods, unusual frozen foods, imported foods, domestic and imported wine and beer, and staples like bread, eggs, cereal, and produce.

Trader Joe’s has an excellent reputation as a fair employer, paying above union wages.

I’ve been a customer for almost nine years and today made me question if I should ever step foot in your establishment again. My husband and roommate went in to buy eggs and had the cops called on them.