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It's the book that millions of women have been searching for -- a relationship guide that will help every woman come to terms with and celebrate her sexuality, whatever it may be.worst. as i no longer have the book, i'm unable to quote directly, although certain passages are seared into my memory. so awful, in fact, that i read it in an afternoon and returned it to the bookstore the next morning because i couldn't put it on my bookshelf.

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The absurd side of the book is when they start talking about the family cruise they came out on, the heart-to-heart they had with a parent on an exotic beach, or how they "popped a Valium to calm down before approaching a hottie."All this noted, there's a real str A nice book, extremely well-intentioned, with a very slight daffy undercurrent.In prose that is at once honest and uplifting, the Laurens relate their own experiences and those of the women they interview, as well as offer serious advice, titillating anecdotes, and a positive attitude for girls who know they're gay -- and for those who are wondering about their sexuality but are not yet sure whether their Prince Charming is really a Cinderella.Part confessional, part informational, Same Sex in the City covers the gamut of lesbian life -- from dating to heartbreak, and from hooking up with straight chicks to raising a family. so awful, in fact, that i read it in an afternoon and returned it to the bookstore the next morning because i couldn't put it on my bookshelf.Drinks are flowing, food is in abundance, and everyone is mingling with each other. Continue reading sad-frustrated-black-woman-opinionatedmale-com " data-medium-file=" w=258" data-large-file=" Continue reading Woman taking money from stack in husband’s hand – Opinionated " data-medium-file="" data-large-file=" w=599" / In my decades on this planet I have gone through, seen, and heard my share of growing pains dealing with the trials and tribulations of the opposite sex. Continue reading Black Couple – Opinionated " data-medium-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" w=630" / She cooks, cleans and makes a decent to good living.

She’s funny and fun to be around, pleases you physically and is easy on the eyes.

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But, with the exception of my first girlfriend, I am attracted to butches, and I felt like my attraction to them was being denigrated. Each chapter has a page or two of "advice," which is shallow at best, and then is followed by groupings of stories that are supposed to illustrate...something.

Let's put it this way: one of the longest chapters in the book is titled "Hooking Up With Straight Girls."I think that says it all.

if you're not yet experienced with the ladies, it's best to start when you're away from home on vacation (we both did), preferably in a booze-infused environment.