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Explore Channels to find videos curated around certain themes that might interest you. Videos from that Channel will show up in your feed whenever they're updated.Groups are also a great place to unearth interesting videos.

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As you have probably noticed, there are exceptions to this rule.Joining a Group also means any video added to that group will show up in your feed so you can always see what gets added.When you find a video that speaks to you, check out the other work uploaded by that member.Unchecking all three boxes will remove the person from your Viewing preferences tab upon refreshing the page. If you'd like someone to unfollow you, you'll need to block them.Click the "Add person to block list" link on the General tab of your account settings, paste their Vimeo profile URL in the text box, then hit the blue "Add" button.Browse Channels and categories to find and follow others who are interested in the same things you are.

Even better, you can even follow the Channels and categories themselves.

When trying to decide whether to follow someone, ask yourself this fundamental question: Do I want to watch this person’s videos? Keep in mind that any person you follow will be notified via email that you are following them, and they will follow you only if they choose to do so.

Unfollowing You can unfollow things on the Viewing preferences tab in your account settings.

Wide color displays allow your app to display richer, more vibrant and lifelike colors than ever before.

Get a primer on color management, the Display P3 color space, and practical workflow techniques for producing more colorful images and icons.

The Activity tab on your homepage is another good way to discover videos that people are liking and commenting on right now.