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Single fireman dating site

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Snowflakes shone like stars in Kate’s dark hair as Austin got down on one knee.

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Despite their different career paths, users bond over a mutual respect for men and women in uniform.On the site, 52% of members are women, and 48% are men.The types of careers these men and women have differ on average.It was a frigid 18 degrees outside, but Austin’s palms were clammy.With an anxious smile, he came to a halt at the center of the teepee.It was minus 5 degrees that afternoon, but the bride and groom hardly felt the cold, warmed as they were by the love they shared.

Katherine and Austin’s fairytale romance was made possible because of a truly unique niche dating site. K., Uniform helps men and women in uniform (and their admirers) find romance online.

Among women, the most common profession is doctor at 33%; while among men the most common profession is army man at 28%.

Police officers rank in the top three professions for both genders.

Their wedding, too, adopted a winter wonderland theme.

The intimate ceremony (attended by just seven people, including Kate and Austin) took place at the Hotel de Glace — known as Quebec’s ice hotel.

The Short Version: Enlist in Uniform to surround yourself with upstanding singles who value service in the military, law enforcement, and community.