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Sushmita sen dating

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If none of the above men were good enough for Sush, what hope does anyone else have of “snagging” this brainy beauty, and then making it all the way to the alter, with an actual Sushmita Sen marriage happening?

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Advertising guru Manav Menon, Bunty Sachdeva, Mudassar Aziz and Ritik Bhasin have also featured in Sush’s life.Right, and that her daughters were ready to accept a new man (and father) as long as it was the right person.“Marriage will not be a problem, finding the right man is,” she concluded. Such was spotted with a massive solitaire on her finger one time (different from the gigantic rock that Sabeer Bhatia had generously given her) and at once fans and the press alike tried to figure out whose handiwork it was.Sush, never one for secrets, immediately spilled the beans saying that she had bought one for herself, and in the process she completely shattered society-defined, deep-ingrained gender rules and left more than a few jaws on the floor.And no good for potential suitors still stuck in not-so-modern mindsets. who do you think will wear the pants in that relationship?How many men will be okay with such an arrangement? But it’s a given, when it comes to kids, snakes and diamonds, it sets the standard pretty high for a Sushmita Sen marriage.Sure, introverts may nay-say and all, but that’s a hurdle, no?

[Read More: Tabu’s Marriage]However, from the same interview, Sush also says the following: “I love going to restaurants like ‘Sky Bar’ in Los Angeles and ‘Tao’ in New York.” Sush isn’t known to take any nonsense from anyone, no matter their position, reputation, or even if their opinion is that which is reflected by the rest of society.

She describes it as one of her favourite pastimes actually.

Without trying to read too much into such an admission, surely such a woman might be more discerning in her choice of man (as she has proven to be).

Sush has never denied the fact that being a single mother is hard, and that she is often faced with hard to answer questions like “Where is my daddy?

” but it would be folly to say that Sush has handled parenthood with anything other than aplomb.

In 2010, in an interview with a major national daily, Sush said the following, “I will go for a biological baby because the clock is ticking for me.” This was after she had adopted two girls, one only months ago.