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Time limited private sex chat

CARLA: Maybe they told him those things because he was Brigitte or the 19-year-old bisexual co-ed.

There was a great view of Paris from the office building he worked in, and it was quiet. JEAN-MARC: I ate beforehand, because it was hard to eat when you’re on four Minitels at once. I think I filled up a bottle of water, I’d turn on the Minitels and log onto the forums, and then I was off for the whole night…He’s only using that word – artisan – half-ironically.You can hear it in his voice – he’s proud of his stint as a night-shift, artisan, animatrice.I wasn’t face to face with them, so I don’t know how much of what they told me was the truth.But what I do know is that the Minitel cost money, and the longer you were connected, the more expensive it was.JEAN-MARC: Guys would log on and say “blow me whore” — but I’d say no, you say “bonjour, madame.” And that always worked quite well.

CARLA: Once he managed to get past the abuse, he found Minitel Pink to be a uniquely raw and emotional place.

I think I started around , and I would leave around five or six AM to go sleep.

And I’d run into all these people waking up, going to work, and I’d just spent the night talking about sex with people all over the bizarre-to-normal spectrum.

That anonymity revealed an intimate side of people he’d never really seen before.

JEAN-MARC: I got a lot of people who were suicidal – there were even a couple of women, young women, who were really freaking out.

There was such a disconnect between me and the commuters, who were half-asleep.