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Twins dating twins and having babies

Identical twins Mandy Westerman and Brandy Laman fit several of the classic twin stereotypes.They were so hard to tell apart as babies that their parents first painted their toenails different colors, then had their ears pierced at 2 months old, putting tiny hearts in one twin's earlobes and stars in the other's.

Wall gave birth to twins in October 2010 through in vitro fertilization, and then Bunker followed 11 months later with twins of her own.Today, the two couples remain happily married and have five children between them.The Goldenberg children are actually full genetic siblings, an oddity of genetics that occurs when identical twins marry identical twins (since identical twins share the same DNA).And then a few months ago, the couples bought their first homes, closing, of course, on the same day.The houses, just down the street from one another, share the same floor plan, only in reverse.The twin grooms' mother said that while she recognized her own sons she could not identify the difference between the two brides.

Even the couples admitted that there are times when it becomes confusing.

The two couples, from Binhai town, look so much alike that members of their own family struggle to tell them apart.

One brother, Yang Kang, 23, met and fell in love with one of the sisters, Zhang Lanxiang, at work in Wuxi.

The other couple, brother Yang Jian and sister Jiang Juxiang, met at their engagement party and instantly fell for each other.

At their joint wedding, the brothers sported different haircuts while the sisters wore different coloured dresses so people could tell them apart.

A pair of sisters from Utah have taken the notion that twins do everything together to a new level.