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University of delaware dating

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Henderson said she’s currently working on a diversity action plan to be released in the coming months that will be a blueprint for the entire university.

The university has been criticized by Delaware political leaders and civic groups for its low African American population. Johnson, D-New Castle, said the university has “failed miserably” at making a diverse campus.“If they are doing it I applaud them doing that,” he said.Mc Dowell said as the university looks for a new president, he would like it to consider an individual who would be dedicated to bringing diversity to the university.“We know we have work to do, which is why this position was created,” she said.The university contends that it has made improvements over the years.The past three freshmen classes are the most diverse classes in the university’s history, it says.

And more than 20 percent of the students in each class come from minority groups.

After several years of receiving criticism for a lack of campus diversity, the University of Delaware is discussing ways to make the student body, faculty and staff more diverse.

The University’s College of Arts and Sciences said $1 million of its budget has been committed to the issue.

One of these programs specific to the College, NUCLEUS, ensures academic success, retention and graduation of students through services like advisement, research opportunities and career services.

In addition, the state has taken action to ensure the university attends to the lack of diversity.

However, she says the specifics of those efforts are still under discussion.