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Updating from chart manager

This is how the process in Chat Co Passage Manager looks like.

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The mandatory carriage of ECDIS has been implemented on almost all ships depending upon the type and gross tonnage of the vessel.Step 2 – Automated routing selecting the departure and arrival ports via intended regions can assist navigating officer as he plans route for the voyage.It will then show the route from departure port to destination port.To use the ENCs ships has to contact an official ENC distributor.This article highlights the chart or chart permit procuring procedure through Chart distributor and methods for chart correction and updating for FURUNO ECDIS.A Shopping Basket icon at the bottom indicates that there are items within the basket.

Once that’s done another option of ‘Create Order’ will pop up at the bottom.

An example of Met Manager is shown below: Step 3 – Once all the required charts are selected we need to send a request to the Chart Distributor.

This is done by selecting the option –‘Add selected products to basket’ at the right hand bottom corner.

Ordering cell permit is a three step process which includes the following: Lets suppose, a ship will sail from Singapore to Mumbai..

We can use the Chartco Passage Manager to get the details of charts for the intended voyage.

It gives the navigator a complete picture of the instantaneous situation of the vessel and all charted dangers to navigation.