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Updating your router

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While you don't need to immediately update your equipment to keep your home network running, you could be missing out on improved services if you continue to use older models.As a result, be sure to check My Device Info to find out if your equipment (Wireless Gateway or modem) is compatible with your Internet speed.

If you are login to your TP-Link router for the first time you will need to enter default login details here and you must change those login details after making first login attempt for your TP-Link wireless router.Because outdated equipment and firmware can slow down what would otherwise be a fast connection, you'll want to make sure your network setup is always up-to-date to get the most out of your XFINITY Internet service.Like computers and mobile devices, new Wi Fi equipment models are released regularly.After referencing My Device Info for approved retail devices, visit for up-to-date information on the speeds and other offers available in your area.Firmware is a program or set of instructions that controls hardware like a router or modem. Depending on the Wi Fi equipment that you have, you may want to check the Internet for firmware updates to make sure you're still getting the best performance out of your equipment. The sticker is typically located on the back of the network adapter.

Typically, your adapter model starts with F5D, F6D or F7D.

Please check this version number against the latest version information displayed in the table at the end of this page.

Older Sky routers The version number of your router software is displayed at the top of the status page after login.

In this case just run this function, let the router download the firmware and update by itself.

From time to time Sky may need to update the software in the Sky Hub or router.

One advantage to leasing a Wireless Gateway from XFINITY is that we regularly update our firmware automatically, so you don't have to check for new updates.