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Residents succeeded in solving the Moscow City to grant the village as a unique architectural and urban complex status of a monument of urban development.This means that from now on not only the village, no one dares to encroach, but it will be protected by the state, in this case the city and regional authorities.

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A golden time for settlement lasted about 10 years.May 8, 1935 at the village collapsed giant aircraft "Maxim Gorky".Although none of the residents was injured, the accident was the omen of bad times, coming to the village and its inhabitants.Entry into a partnership meant paying considerable cash contributions: 10.5 gold ducats entrance, 30 - in the allocation of land and 20 - at the beginning of the construction of the cottage. It had to be country economy with total visual space: Deaf fences not supposed to near the houses were large green areas. VKh UTEMAS Pavlinova, but the first streets were fairly simple name: Large, School, telephone, cozy, dining room.The village is to be built in the district of Sokolniki. Much attention was paid to landscaping of the village.Free Wi-Fi, a spa center and tennis court are available at this hotel, located 16 miles from Moscow.

Arthurs Village & Spa Hotel features bowling and a nightclub.

Part of the land confiscated for the construction of apartment buildings. Moscow was expanding, and that use of land could not irritate the Moscow government.

In 1937 government decree village Falcon became the property of the Moscow City Council. Home suffered the fate of many residential buildings: the inhabitants of compacted, to the owners podselyali strangers. Only the cohesion of the villagers could confront threats.

In October 1958 there was an order of the Executive Committee of the Moscow Soviet of the provision of the land Falcon Management Department of the Central Committee of the CPSU.

After four years of litigation with the authorities of the villagers decided to cancel.

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