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White man dating indian girl

white man dating indian girl-49

Btw, I'm quite an intellectual 14 year old :) How are you?I am a white male seeking a indian girl to talk to and be friends with.

I love white men for their personalities, although, I just thought that I would warn you that many Indian girls who were born and bred in India like white guys for the colour of their skin and therefore, when they breed, the general colour of their children will be light to have a serious relationship with a genuine guy. Can I just express that I just happened to stumble upon this link and thought that I may aswell comment on it.Basically, I'm a mature 14 year old Indian girl from Birmingham, uk.I'm honest,openmind,and so interested in white Man.They are more understanding,and openmind than Indian guys.I'm looking for a serious relationship with an Indian girl and hopefully that will lead to marriage.hello, Craig. if you are taking about fitting your bills, then frankly i fit them perfectly except for the brown eyes thing.

However, i am wondering what else matters to you other than looks, cause i like men who respect and like women with brains not just beauty and i have both accroding to the compliments i get from the people who know far what you have mentioned about yourself have caught my attention just fine, although i would like to know more. I was in a relationship on and off with a very beautiful Indian woman 18 years younger than me.

i love seeing new places and learning about life in general.

I just want to give a little tip: Indian girls love it when you compliment them, especially on their eyes or clothes :)I love the traditional sari's on Indian women, it's very beautiful and I so love their eyes and skin tone.

Unfortunately I didn't the courage of my convictions and missed out on something that I feel could have been very special. Yes i absoloutly love indian girls and im looking to meet a really nice one who loves a white man with deep blue eyes. i personally love dark eyes and you indian girls fit the bill...

Times and attitudes are different these days but it wasn't that long ago that interracial relationships were frowned upon by many people. I'm a successful college graduate now attending law school. I'm looking for a classy Indian gal to spend time getting to know. Im 39,now single and live in London so if there is anyone who would be interested in knowing me then give us a shout...

I am seeking someone I can talk to and hang out with and see what happens. I am a filmmaker and a photographer in Los Angeles. I am totally attracted to Indian girls and I am moving to Bangalore to work.