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Who is bert belasco dating

Charles’ younger sister is sassy, flirtatious, and a proud employee of the DMV.This is one woman who isn’t looking to settle down just yet.

Mature teens should be able to handle most of the content, if they're interested.As they go through these ups and downs, they rely on the support of their friends and family.Tasha (Stacy's sister) is married to Jamal (Charles' best friend.) We come to find out their marriage has their own ups and downs.Let's Stay Together is an American romantic comedy television series created by Jacque Edmonds Cofer.It premiered on Black Entertainment Television (BET) on January 11, 2011.Read More In times of past, many Pop acts opted to steer clear politics in fear of their careers.

However, with the upcoming US presidential election being one of the most polarising in years, some of music’s biggest names are stepping forward and making their…

Engaged to Stacy, Charles knows how to keep the good times rolling with his comedic perspective on love.

Tasha Woodson (Joyful Drake) – Tasha, 29, younger sister of Stacy, married to Jamal, and the mother of six month-old twins, is a former party-girl turned housewife.

Life isn’t always easy, but it’s always fun as she is forever plotting her next big get rich scheme.

Jamal Woodson (Ron Reaco Lee) -Jamal, 29, is a smart, savvy, do-gooder who has decided to use his law degree to better serve his community rather than jump on the partner track at a big corporate firm.

As he and Tasha embrace the trials and tribulations of raising twins on his lean salary, his eye never waivers from the prize–the love he has for his family.