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Who is daisy delahoya dating now

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De La Hoyas interview is now posted on their wonderful testimony to the hair metal 80’s website. Daisy was another memorable contestant on Rock Of Love.

They are looking at the lights, the hair, the make-up, the wardrobe and just you forget you have no clothes on because nobody's even paying attention to that," Underwood told Tarts."I have 10 times as many women contacting me as men, and men should just flock to me," the reality star/founder of told Tarts."I’m going to give them my love-lab service for free for a month, so keep in mind there are far more eligible women out there than there are men." And just FYI to the person he’s currently seeing -- if commitment is what you seek, pack your bags.| Pop Tarts Scene & Herd Should we really feel sorry for her?After finishing runner-up in the second series of VH1’s "Rock of Love," Daisy De La Hoya, niece of famed boxer Oscar De La Hoya, recently kicked off her own spin-off "Daisy of Love" - but strangely enough for the very public wild woman, she is struggling with all the male attention.She was runner-up on the 2nd season and was given her own dating show Daisy Of Love.

"I never expected this," de la Hoya told "Extra" in an exclusive interview. He wasn't super solemn or melancholy or anything." She also saw no evidence of Haim taking any prescription drugs. I know he struggled with certain things, and I can relate to that." Daisy and Corey had just started dating, and were introduced by Haim's best friend, Corey Feldman.

She's never been too crazy, like out of control, you never hear stuff about her how she's fallen and you look at her, like 'oh that's sad.' She's always on top of her game, so I respect her for that." Okay so when she’s not looking for love or making melodies, Daisy is into politics -- or so she says.

"I’m really into politics and activism, and I like psychology a lot. But I think all of that ties into where I am as an artist, and how I’d like to change the world.

I'm so glad I decided to do it." Underwood’s public as well as personal life also seems to be benefiting from her "crazy" decision - she also has the comedy flick "Two Million Stupid Women" coming out this year and recently wrapped filming a cameo role in the Bridget Marquardt-produced horror "The Telling" (which also stars Holly Madison).

We can all sleep safe and sound with the knowledge that Donald Trump finally made his decision on Tuesday not to dethrone Miss California Carrie Prejean, but does this mean the controversial pageant princess will continue her association with the National Organization for Marriage (NOM)?

Rock of Love and Daisy of Love star Daisy De la Hoya was dating ’80s film actor and The Two Coreys star Corey Haim prior to his death from an overdose yesterday, according to a report. ’s Marc Malkin cites “a source close to De la Hoya” who said, “Their first official date was two…