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Who is dating kevin zegers

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ZEGERS: I don’t think I’m going to watch the movie again. I was not critical, but I know what I liked and I know what I would want to adjust, a little bit. I don’t think I’m gonna go and beat it into my head because I’m too critical of myself, anyway.

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KEVIN ZEGERS: Yeah, it’s definitely a little nerve-wracking, but because I’ve seen the movie and I really like the movie, I’m less nervous about people liking it. I think people who have never read the books are gonna love it, too.” I think that was the main focus.Seeing this guy who is maybe the opposite of what they’ve maybe perceived a character like that to be, I thought was a great opportunity.It’s something that I was super gung-ho about being able to do.With a lot of these types of movies, guys talk about being dragged by their girlfriends to see them.What would you say to guys who are wondering if this movie would appeal to them, at all?Not to get too heavy about it, but there’s too many kids fucking hanging themselves for something that’s so immaterial and so not an issue.

For a movie, especially of this scale, where everyone, from all different parts of the country and all different parts of the world are gonna go see this movie, that there’s this certain moment where people realize, “Wow, that’s a gay character in a movie like this, and he’s not the effeminate one, or the passive one. He’s the strong one and the dignified one, who stands in front of other people.” To me, the idea that, even if it just switches peoples’ perception a little bit, seemed like a cool thing.

ZEGERS: I think the things that people know about Alec are that he’s a Shadowhunter and he’s gay.

They know about the whole backstory of him and Jace.

If I ask my nieces, who are 10 or 11, they’re like, “So?! But in some places it is, so I’m aware of the responsibility.

To create a strong, powerful, main character of a bit movie as a gay character was something that I thought was a cool opportunity to have some kid in China watch it and think, “Wow, that’s not how I thought gay people are,” or if they are gay and they’re uncomfortable about coming out.

I’m more just nervous about life and what this next month looks like, with traveling around and going to different places, and showing the movie to people. Certainly, my main focus was to say that we don’t just need to aim for the people who know and love these books.