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Ferrand, who said Moscow looked favourably on the policies of far-right leader Marine Le Pen and centre-right candidate Francois Fillon, urged the government to take steps to ensure there was no 'foreign meddling' in the election.Drawing a parallel with the US presidential election in which U. intelligence agencies saw the hand of the Kremlin, he said: 'The Americans saw it, but it came too late.'Putin is a friend of French Presidential candidate Francois Fillon, the conservative Republican candidate who is currently at the centre of sleaze allegations involving setting up fake jobs to family members, including his Welsh-born wife, Penelope.

Washington personally supervised each renovation; advising on design, construction and decoration—even during the Revolutionary War.They quoted French MP Nicolas Dhuicq, of the conservative Republican Party, saying: 'Concerning his private life, it is becoming known….He is supported by a rich, gay lobby.'Macron's party chief said last month that Macron was being targeted by Russian media and internet attacks from within Russia with the goal of helping the election campaigns of his pro-Moscow rivals The comments by Richard Ferrand, secretary-general of Macron's En Marche! ) party, marked the first direct accusation from a French political party that forces in Russia were trying to influence the outcome of the election.Fillon already suffered a blow on Wednesday when adviser Bruno Le Maire quit his campaign in protest against his decision to fight on.On Thursday, deputy campaign director Sebastien Lecornu and adviser Vincent Le Roux followed Le Maire's lead, along with a number of more junior campaign staff.', referencing the right-center French Presidential candidate and Boy George's hit song, 'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me'.

The singer jokingly replied: 'Maybe not.'With less than two months to go to the April 23 first round vote, polls consistently point to a second-round showdown on May 7 between Macron and Le Pen that Macron would win.

The Elabe poll, carried out between Tuesday and Thursday, showed Fillon on 19 per cent of the vote, down from 20-21 per cent in the last Elabe poll carried out from February 18-20.

He trailed Le Pen, on 27 per cent and Macron, on 24 per cent.

Boy George, surprised, deleted the tweet and responded to his followers: 'I thought he was gay.'He then asked: 'Who is the leftie? After twitter users mocked him, Boy George asked: 'I thought he was gay?

'The singer also noted setbacks of the Republican party, to which one follower joked, 'Do you really want to hurt Francois Fillon?

Three other high-ranking lawmakers from the left wing of the party - Benoist Apparu, Christophe Bechu and Edouard Philippe - also quit the Fillon cause, saying their decision was prompted by his repeated attacks on the judiciary.