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Who is gwen stefani dating

As Stefani continues to flaunt her romance with boyfriend Blake Shelton, which began last November, a source claims Gavin Rossdale recently went out on a date with Elin Nordegren, the scorned ex-wife of Tiger Woods, after being set up by mutual friends. on her private plane a lot,” a source told the magazine.On September 7, According to the magazine’s report, Gavin Rossdale and Elin Nordegren enjoyed their first date on Saturday, August 27, in Los Angeles and are now planning to meet up for a second date after reportedly hitting it off with one another. “They want to make it work.” In 2009, Elin Nordegren made headlines after news broke that her then-husband, Tiger Words, had cheated on her with multiple women during their marriage.

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We’re talking, of course, about Hollywood Life, which on Tuesday is running a story headlined, “Gwen Stefani ‘Happy’ Gavin Rossdale’s Dating Sophia Thomalla — & It’s Because Of Blake Shelton.” The accompanying story begins, “Things seem to be getting serious between Gavin Rossdale and his new girlfriend, Sophia Thomalla, and Hollywood has the EXCLUSIVE scoop on how his ex, Gwen Stefani, feels about it!But if they hadn’t split, then she wouldn’t have gotten involved with Blake, so she tries to see the breakup in a positive light — it led her to meeting her soulmate.She and Gavin are in a good place now and she wants nothing but the best for him.” Of course Stefani’s divorce was painful. Of course if they hadn’t split she wouldn’t have gotten involved with Shelton.“Back in February, Stefani, 46, uncovered Gavin Rossdale’s long-term affair with Mann, who cared for the couple’s three sons,” Kingston, 10, Zuma, 8, and Apollo, 2, the magazine reported.“At the time, the No Doubt frontwoman discovered explicit texts between Rossdale and the nanny — including nude photos of Mann and their plans to meet up for sex — on the family’s i Pad.” Following the discovery of the shocking text messages, Mann was fired but because Gavin Rossdale insisted that his interaction with the woman was only “flirtation,” Stefani chose to remain in their marriage for months.After Woods had crashed his vehicle into a tree after first hitting a fire hydrant, neighbors called police after discovering the golfer unconscious, bloody, and snoring.

Although Nordegren claimed Woods had simply crashed his vehicle while she was inside their home, authorities were skeptical and would not allow her to accompany him during his transport to the hospital.

However, what continues to stun the country singer are the headlines that are continuously being fabricated regarding his romance with Stefani."Any time you see a story about us, it's either that it's a fake relationship or that we're already married. Many fans of Stefani are aware that she has been vegan for years.

Or we're gonna get married, or she's on her second set of twins," Shelton explained."Or, you know, I'm sneaking behind her back to eat meat. Nevertheless, as baffled as the happy couple is over the crazy headlines that have been surfacing about their relationship, Shelton admitted that he could see where the people are coming from."In people's defense, I think it's so hard for people to wrap their head around why Gwen would want to be with me," said Shelton.

However, while Shelton understands people's fascination with his relationship with Stefani, he also wishes the hype and interest would calm down.

The country crooner sat down with his fellow "The Voice" coaches, Adam Levine, Alicia Keys and his girlfriend, Stefani, for an appearance on the "Today" show on Sunday, April 23.

” What’s the evidence that Rossdale and Thomalla are “serious”? But the site does quote a so-called “insider” as saying, “Gwen is really happy for Gavin.